Lake Restoration: Ayyan Kulam at Ambattur

Ayyan kulam is one of the sewage pumping stations in Ambattur. The lake is located in Oragadam which is around 5 km from Ambattur Industrial Estate. It is located along Erikarai Street in Oragadam. Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I.) once again collaborated with Greater Chennai Corporation and CREDAI to restore a dead water body in Ambattur. Ayyan kulam is a lake in the Ambattur locality which was being used as a garbage dumping site.


Before Restoration

EFI restored this dead water body in Ambattur. The term “restoration” is probably a misnomer. A lake can never be completely restored to its original complex physical, chemical, and biological conditions. However, lake conditions can be improved. The major issue surrounding the water body was the fast-paced development of concrete structures which has led to encroachments and waste disposal. The Environmentalist Foundation of India has taken the responsibility to revive this water body with the help of the local community around Ambattur. All the lakes in Kanchipuram district are man-made, therefore restoring these lakes can be done manually using machinery.

During Restoration


Post Restoration

The lake was restored in 25 days and currently, post-restoration work is on progress. EFI works along with the locals in planting trees around the lake. In the near future, we aim to plant more native species along the lake bed and make it rich in biodiversity. This would benefit both the local community and wildlife in the area. 

Our EFI Volunteers and the locals have put a lot of effort into making this lake a community green space.


Volunteer for India & her Environment with EFI!
-Jai Hind-

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