Oma Kulam Pond Restoration by E.F.I.

The Oma Kulam pond located in Madhavaram, north Chennai, measures a size of around 3.5 acres. Garbage dumping and sewage inlets let to a great decrease in water capacity, as far as a nearly complete disappearance. In collaborating effort The Greater Chennai Corporation and E.F.I. set the goal of reviving this pond.

Immense amounts of garbage

In March 2017 the project started in the following steps:

  1. Clearing of solid waste, debris and invasive weed worth around 400 truck loads
  2. De-silting in order to deepen the lake and increase the water capacity.
  3. Establishing a box pit to get rainwater centralized.
  4. Forming and raising solid bunds to prevent further encroachments and greater water holding capacity.
  5. Plantation of native species for a green habitat of native birds and other breathing creatures.
Clearing of solid waste and debris


But also the local community was involved in several steps of the restoration progress. Many of them participated in clean-ups, wall painting or plantation works. We wish to thank them all. Working hand in hand with the locals leads to a higher environmental awareness and a better knowledge of their own neighborhood among all anticipating parties.

Wall painting

During the following monsoon, the Oma Kulam pond got well filled up. The advantages of this now revived waterbody are a better temperature regulation and groundwater percolation, as well as a prevention of waterborne diseases.

But still, maintenance and an overall awareness are needed to let the pond live.

After restoration

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I.

~Jai Hind~

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