Birds at Sholinganallur

A love story to a working ecosystem.


The Sholinganallur Lake in the southern suburb of Sholinganallur was part in the first community-orientated restoration program by E.F.I. This year the lake got de-silted. The bunds got formed and native species got planted.

Spot-billed pelican

This lake evolved into a green oasis inside Chennai’s concrete jungle. The water quality increased. Birds are a good indicator for this statement. During bird-watches you can see around 20 different species and even more. Now where the monsoon is starting there is one more cause of going to the restored lakes.

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Native species and migratory birds share the place while searching for food. And its the massive amount of food that attracts the birds. In a functioning ecosystem, worms, algae insects and mice exist. All of those are part of the lower food chain. Without them, even the higher forms like ducks, eagles, water buffalos, and even the human cannot exist. These are the laws of biology the humans disrespect by polluting without harm and thought. It is easy to drop your bag where you want, but considering the bag will last for over 1000 years and the whole environment suffers, it’s not at all sustainable.

Lesser-whistling duck

But see with lots of effort and love for our environment, restoration is possible and effective. E.F.I. has successfully transformed Sholinganallur lake into a working habitat for several species. A G-shaped island builds a little safe zone for the flying animals. There without any eyes seeing them, they can brood securely. Newborns develop and take the lake as their home to grow up.  And sometimes lay eggs themselves

Read about the restoration here:

Birds now have come in hundreds. Watching them teaches about nature and environment itself and builds up an awareness automatically. Ducks fly in big groups, pelicans fly majestically with their huge wingspan. Everywhere you see there are birds.

Pond heron

Come and see our birds. Come and see your environment.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I. 

~Jai Hind~

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