Tiruvannamalai Pond Restoration by E.F.I.

If you have seen pictures of Oothu Kulam dated one year back, you are not able to see any pond. The forgotten waterbody located in the south of central Tiruvannamalai was filled up with sludge.


The pond of around one acre practically was unfunctional for its planned purpose. Besides the silt, invasive shrubs and bushes had grown in the area of the pond bed.

In August E.F.I. started the progress of restoring the waterbody.  First preparation was undertaken The invasive species left and the boundaries of the pond got clearly marked.

Secondly, the pond needed deepening. Two to three feet of silt were removed out of the core of the pond bed. With the material excavated, bunds were build to increase the water storage capacity and facilitate greater water percolation.

tiruvannamalai (1) (9)

The third phase contained establishing a recharge pit in the middle of the pond. Buy digging this partly deeper structure, water can be centered. This affects the groundwater percolation in a positive way.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-04 at 12.31.46 (2)

At last plantation work will be under progress during monsoon to prevent erosion of the bunds. Plant planted include neem, palm, and peepal. Also, crops like vetiver are considered planting to challenge our part of climate change, with the help of the local community.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-04 at 12.31.37

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I.

~Jai Hind~

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