Egattur Pond – Work in Progress

Since our pond restoration program at Egattur Pond kickstarted with the Pongal @ Pond celebrations, the waterbody has changed massively. 

Firstly, weeds and invasive bushes like the Prosopis juliflora have been removed from the bunds by the excavator. On the one hand,  the water holding capacity gets increased. On the other hand, with the removal of invasive species, native trees and bushes get the space to grow and to build up a natural habitat.


The progress of de-silting is in full swing. The silt has built up, because of a surplus of nutrients inside the pond. The silt is now used to build the bunds around the pond. First bunds have been established on the southern, eastern and northern side of the pond. Further strengthening will follow in the next few days.


Inside the pond, a small green island can be found. Different species of birds can be seen there, despite the unfinished restoration. Little cormorants go fishing and moorhens search for green vegetable material.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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~Jai Hind~

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