The Pond and the People

The Aiyyan Kulam pond is located in Oragadam which is around 5 km from Ambattur Industrial Estate. The pond is nearly an acre in size and had once served as the supplier of water for the locality. But, due to “development”, the pond ended up being filled with sewage as several inlets flowed directly into it, making its water unfit for drinking and for other life forms to thrive. This pond was in a dire need of a revival. We must understand that such a waterbody plays a crucial role in the environment as they are for all living beings, and not just humans. E.F.I, along with support from the local community in Oragadam had restored this pond to bring it back to its original form. Before the restoration, the Aiyyan Kulam had very little depth to it. Upon restoration, the pond was deepened to 12 feet under the ground level and today has a capacity of nearly 1.2 million liters of water!

Before Restoration
After Restoration

To inaugurate the Aiyyan Kulam to the people, Environmentalist Foundation of India on February 16th had hosted several people to a community engagement activity involving the inaugural of the pond, followed by a tree sapling plantation at the pond.

The event began with an orientation to the students of Ebenezer Marcus Matric HSS, by explaining them the importance of such a pond in an area and why its necessary for us to restore and protect water bodies in our surroundings. During the orientation, a 2-minute silence was done to pay tribute to the soldiers of Pulwama. After the orientation, excitement had filled the air as everyone was motivated to volunteer for the environment and make a change. All hands were on deck as everybody grouped up into teams and spread across the pond’s boundaries to start the plantation. A total of 40 native tree saplings were planted on the ponds bund to strengthen its bunds. On seeing this, several local residents joined the gang for the plantation and volunteered happily knowing that there’s a hope and future for the pond.

Prior to the event, several people in the same area did not know that such a pond had existed in their locality. But at the end of the day, people went back home understanding the true importance to the pond in their neighborhood and why it was necessary to protect it. They now had a new wholehearted interest to protect the pond that belonged to “them”. To make a change, we must first raise awareness about the environment we live in and sensitize the people about the current scenario. This helps them realize the importance of conservation and its effect on future generations.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I

-Jai Hind-

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