The Karuppan Kulam – Revival of a lost water body

The pond can be found at Menambedu, Ambattur. It is a 2.5-acre waterbody. From outside it does not appear as a pond any more. At first glance, it seems, that shrubs and sludge have completely covered up the area.

The surroundings are mainly low one to three-storey residential buildings. To the west and south, there are houses right at the boundary wall. The north and east are covered with streets and a low compound wall.

Large amounts of land are filled up with debris, including several large concrete pipes. Logs and bricks can be found all over the place. But the biggest problem is the large amount of domestic waste everywhere. The worst part can be found on the northern side, where the wall is low enough to easily hurl waste over but high enough to hide it from sight. Huge pits of other domestic waste and cow dung have started to accumulate here too.

While watching the middle of the pond carefully, a dirty water pit becomes visible. It is mostly covered with invasive weeds. The greywater comes from a sewage inlet on the northern side of the pond and flows directly into the centre. The water’s grey colour alone shows the pollution levels. But, as further evidence, the smell of the water is quite strong and toxic.

Restoration works will start in the next couple of weeks. Several steps are planned to rejuvenate the Karuppan Kulam. First, the removal of trash, debris and invasive plants are needed to commence the mechanical work.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I. ~Jai Hind~

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