The Karuppan Kulam – Start of work

Work is going on for 2 weeks at Karuppan Kulam and many things have already changed.

At first, the invasive weeds needed to be removed. Plants like the Prosopis Joliflora are destroying the native environment by leaving other native plants no space and water to grow.

It looks green on top, but it is grey and dirty below

The sewage inlet got blocked in order to work on a dry pond bed. The black water is not entering the pond anymore. After the restoration, the water will be filtered through the use of a constructed wetland. The polluted water has to flow through a canal before entering the pond. Soil and weeds can enable their natural ability to filter out pollutants from the water. That way we can make sure only clean water is entering the main recharge pit in the middle of the pond.

In addition, the large stretch of plastic waste on the northern side of the pond was removed. It took four full truckloads to remove it. A waste-free pond is one of the most important goals of a pond restoration. Only without toxic waste like plastic, a clean and green eco-system can develop.

Just a few strips of plastic are left. Through community-based clean-ups, a fully waste free pond will be achieved.

De-silting work has started on the southern side of the pond. The excavated silt is used to form bunds right away.

The bund formation work is carried on on the eastern side of the pond.

The constructed wetland will be installed in the coming weeks. After the bunds and pits are dug and built, plantation work will carry on. Also, wall-painting activities are coming up soon.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I. ~Jai Hind~

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