The Alapakkam Lake – a preview

The Alapakkam Lake, locally known as Kuyavan Eri, is located in between the military airstrip of Sittalapakkam in the north and Alapakkam in the south.

The surrounding area is not densely populated and mainly shaped by fields and one-to two-storey houses. Some of those homes border the lake directly.

Lush green weeds are covering the water body. Most of them can be identified as an invasive species. Native species vanished away because of the same. The invasive plants are taking away water from the original plants. As a result, they dry up and die. The original habitat gets destroyed.

Nevertheless, the 6-acre sized lake still hosts several different species of wildlife. Different species of bird can be spotted on the little islands located inside the water body. The pied kingfisher and the little cormorant are two examples. The presence of the birds symbolizes that fish can be found inside the lake.

But this lake also has its problems. Sewage from the neighbouring houses flows into the waterbody directly without any filter, solid waste dumped on the bunds. The mix of non-degradable waste and sewage have turned the water of the Alapakkam lake toxic and unusable. In addition, the water holding capacity has decreased heavily partly because of the presence of the invasive species and the bad condition of surrounding bunds.

E.F.I has started its restoration program at Alapakkam Lake by removing the invasive weeds on its shores. The next step includes the installation of an on-shore bund on the northern side, plantation of native species and community-orientated activities. A fence will be installed around the lake to keep out the dumping of solid waste.

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