Karuppan Kulam – End of mechanical work

The mechanical work at the Karuppan Kulam has been finished. The excavators are leaving the pond. Lots of silt has been moved in the last weeks. In the following lines, we will explain the full progress.

Read here about the status of the pond at the start: https://lakesofindia.com/2019/04/19/the-karuppan-kulam-start-of-work/

The pond located in Menambedu, Ambattur, had nearly completely vanished away and water holding capacity was lost. In addition, liquid and solid sewage had entered the sight. After weeds and waste were removed, the de-silting along with the forming of bunds started. The bunds around the pond measure a size of two meters. With them the water holding capacity gets highly increased.

A one meter deep recharge pit in the form of a circle has been formed in the middle. With that, water gets centralized in the middle of the pond where it can percolate. It is the first time this special method is used in a restoration in Chennai.

Triangle shaped shafts have been established at the corners of the pond. They are facilitate that water is flowing into the central circle from the corners. A better percentage of percolation is the positive outcome in the end.

A special triangle was dug in the north eastern corner of the Karuppan Kulam where black water enters the water body. This triangle follows the system of a waste stabilization pond. The sewage gets filtered and only clean water will enter the water body afterwards.

The excavators have left the Karuppan Kulam. The pond is now noticeable as a proper waterbody again with increased water holding capacity. But the work at the pond is far from over. From June on volunteering events will start at the waterbody, including plantation of native species and wallpainting activities.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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