E.F.I’s DOT- A Leadership Summit

Environmentalist Foundation of India is conducting ‘DOT workshops’ across the cities in India! It is an environmental leadership summit aimed at identifying young environmental leaders from across the schools in India. Through the one-day leadership workshop, we train a batch of 100 students and 50 teachers from across schools in a common venue. The focus subjects being Leadership, Decision making, Management and Project Planning.

E.F.I. has successfully finished 5 such workshops in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Trivandrum in the last three months. The students who participated in this workshop will be assigned follow up activities for every month, throughout the year. The follow-up orientations have already kicked off in Chennai, soon the rest of the cities will start off the activities. These summits and workshops also offer an entry into a fellowship program with E.F.I., through which these young leaders can join hands with E.F.I. in the conservation of India and her environment.

Through this workshop, we aim to identify  young, enthusiastic and proactive environmental leaders who can take-up real-time conservation activities with E.F.I in our attempt to conserve India’s environment for a better tomorrow.

Published by LakesOfIndia

Lakes of India is an E.F.I initiative aimed at sensitizing the larger public on freshwater habitats across the country. A blog platform where one can read about lakes across India. You can become a guest blogger to write about a lake in your hometown and initiate an action to protect that lake.

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