E.F.I’s Eco Lab Batch of 2020 – Our new environmental leaders

In the academic year 2019-20, E.F.I  established an environmental education program called “Eco-Lab” at the Chennai Middle School in Thiruvanmiyur. Students from classes 6th to 8th were invited to participate in sessions, which were conducted every Fridays by E.F.I’s Education Team.

The motto behind these sessions were to help the students better understand conservation through experiments and practical demonstrations. The sessions would mainly revolve around E.F.I’s three W’s: Waste, Water and Wildlife.

To fully understand nature and the environment surrounding them, they were also actively engaged in several Clean-up activities, as well as a garden and compost set up for their school campus.

The students were also taken on the field trips; E.F.I’s Lake Safari which allowed them to understand the importance of lake restoration as well as get an idea of native wildlife & Botanical species.

As the final exams are nearing, the Eco-Lab Sessions had come to an end. To celebrate the student’s achievements during these sessions, as well as reward them for their efforts, A Graduation Ceremony was held on 13th March 2020.
Before handing out the certificates and gifts, the students preformed experiments that they had learned throughout the year. Experiments such as purifying water with Moringa seeds, proper waste segregation and how an oil spill can be treated was performed in font of the dignitaries.

We take pride and honor in training these students to be planet friendly & sustainable citizens, we are very proud to send this generation of environmental leaders out in the world!

E.F.I thank Greater Chennai Corporation (G.C.C) for their administrative support and Latent View Analytics for their support in making this program a reality.

Volunteer for India and her environment with E.F.I!

-Jai Hind-

Published by LakesOfIndia

Lakes of India is an E.F.I initiative aimed at sensitizing the larger public on freshwater habitats across the country. A blog platform where one can read about lakes across India. You can become a guest blogger to write about a lake in your hometown and initiate an action to protect that lake.

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