HUDA’s effort for Green Hyderabad

On 26th July 2004, at 10 AM Hon’ble CM of Andhra Pradesh, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy launched the “ONE DAY TWO LAKH plantation” program at Gandiguda Reserve forest in the outskirts of Hyderabad city. (With all the green drives taken in the last eight years, there is no space left inside the city to take up such large area for plantation!) . In a short time the 10000 children who had been mobilized there for the plantation program planted the 30000 healthy one-to-two meter tall seedlings of useful species like Neem, Amla, tamarind etc in the already leveled, ploughed and prepared 30 hectares of denuded reserve forest land.

In a concerted, co-ordinated operation, acting on a cue over the walkie-talkie, another 20000 teen-aged school and college students stationed in the neighboring Mansoorabad, Shamirpet, Agapalli, Madhapur, Kondamandugu and Ravalkol degraded reserve forests planted the remaining healthy 1,80,000 seedlings to make it a ONE DAY TWO LAKH plantation program.

This would certainly be a world record for the number of plantations taken up in a single day by any organization. As if to shower blessings on the efforts taken by HUDA and the children, heavens sent its greetings as heavy cloudburst, after four hours, giving sufficient time for the young green ambassadors to scamper to the shelter of their schools! The rains before and after the plantation, with a window of dry spell for ten hours during the actual plantation program was seen by many as a sign of the heavenly intervention to support HUDA’s effort to Green Hyderabad.

For a more detailed report on the lake improvement efforts, take a look at this report!

We at E.F.I congratulates Shri. Asok Kumar ji from the National Water Mission and HUDA on it’s wonderful efforts to conserve Hyderabad’s environment and also for sharing this article with us!

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