Watching Over The Pristine Waters Of Perur

The Perur Chinna Kulam tops the list of the several scenic and serene sights in the city of
Coimbatore. The rain fed pond is an ecological hotspot and hosts several species of birds and
insects. Common sightings at the pond include Common coots, Bar headed Geese, Drongos,
Brahminy Kites, Black Kites, Small Blue Kingfishers, Wagtails, Cormorants among many
others. The waters are coloured with hues of greens from the very many Babool trees (Vachellia
nilotica subsp. indica) that populate the waters along with water lilies (Nymphaea daubenyana).
The sight is enhanced by the Velliangiri hills in the distance. On the shores of the pond, here and
there grow thickets of reeds. They also form similar patches at the back of the pond. The pond
has been restored and maintained by Siruthuli, an NGO based in Coimbatore which works to
rejuvenate the water sources in the city of Coimbatore. Restoration activities over the past year
have really paid off. Improved capacity of the pond and strong bunds have made way for a
healthy and rich ecosystem around the area.

It is essential to protect these waters for they provide refuge for birds, amphibians and
insects across intensive agricultural landscapes. They also play a key role in maintaining the
water table and providing for irrigation and other water related needs of people who live around
this area. Improving our understanding and management of such ponds can help us provide
excellent wildlife havens, right in the middle of the landscapes where they are needed the most.

Photographs by : Vishal Shanmugasundaram
Written and Edited by: Trrishala Kumaraswamy

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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