Located at an altitude of 660 meters, Renuka Wetland is one of the most beautiful and famous natural wetlands of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the Sirmaur district and it is known to be the largest lake of Himachal. The wetland is named after Goddess Renuka and also from a distance the lake appears as if a women is lying on her back. It is also recognized as a Ramsar site of international importance since November 2005.

Many myths and legends are associated with the lake and it is of high religious significance. The Wetland is considered to be the birthplace of God Parshuram, the Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu according to the Puranas. Saints from all over India visit the lake to experience the divine power.

Home to more than 440 species of fauna, the wetland has prominent vegetation ranging from dry deciduous like robusta, Terminalia, Dalbergia etc to hydrophytes. It also has around 103 species of birds of which 60 are native, Crimson-breasted Barbet, Bulbul, Myna and Egrets are some birds found.

Due to the continuous shrinking of the lake, the Wetland is under a threat of degradation. The probable reasons include pollution, siltation and extensive growth of weeds. Silt from the surrounding hills gets deposited in the bottom of the lake. Also the waste is being dumped into the lake which is a major issue.The total lake area covered reduced by 25 percent in the past years.

In order to protect the Wetland, the administration and the Renuka Vikas Smiti is carrying out regular checks to monitor the threat level. The fauna and flora; and the businesses of the local people would get affected whose livelihood depends on tourism if proper and strict steps are not taken to safeguard the shrinking wetland.


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