Perungalathur Aeri

The big beautiful bank.

Perum – Kulam – Urr  meaning ” A Place with a Big Pond ” is a southern suburban beauty of Chennai with waters spread across 55 acres adjoining Peerkankaranai Lake.

The scenic landscape has a plateaued island in its centre tangible from the highway NH-45 with mountains backdropping leaving the jaws drop and gaze at the nature by any traveller, beholder and bystander.

Perungalathur and Peerkankaranai are born and living twins as towns, lakes and inhibitions of southern Chennai waters. Their connectivity between Vandalur and Tambaram make them the hub spot for transportation and logistics of trucks, railway gate and bus terminus.

The surplus waters of Mudichur and Tambaram join the mouth of the twin lakes. Based on a research, it has been identified the lake to be home for different species of fishes (8 types) and birds (16 types).

In 2017, voluntary initiatives were carried out to clear the weeds (“Velikathan” – a weed that saps groundwater and spreads) and restore the lakeside. The freshwater lake is a portable aqua which has gained precedence to be conserved from sewage disposal, garbage dumping and encroachments.

A stretch of the lake gives a vicinity to Shriram Gateway real estates and IT park along a mountainous region heading as a flyover to Vandalur, the outskirts of the city. 

Tamil Inscriptions deciphered reveals Tambaram lakes to be flood control bunds maintained since Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagar dynasties of the twelfth to fifteenth century A.D. Perunkulathur, as named during the Chola period, meant a large village with a big tank.

The history epigraph shows that Perunkulathur belonged to Thiruchuram, the modern Tirusulam village near Pallavaram (being then the part of Nedungundram Nadu after the village of Nedungundram) 

The area is famed for its aquatic blanket from times immemorial. The need for its preservation of the 55 acres is felt lately in 2017. And, it’s important to participate in the lake clean ups, lake conservation programs and join hands to safeguard and restore the reservoir from the brunt of vulnerabilities.

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