Cooum to Marina

The sunrise and beach point of Marina is the adjoining point of Cooum River mouth with the Bay of Bengal crossing the Napier Bridge hailing from Kosasthalaiyar River, Thiruvallur.

The Cooum estuary is a lifeline of Chennai waters flowing for 72 kms with 32 kms in the urban part and 40 kms in the rural part.

The journey she undergoes is a unique story until she surrenders in the marina shoreline at Chennai. It’s considered a Dead River in Chennai owing to its sewage collection, garbage disposal and pollution from commercial and industrial establishments. 

Does this mean the pollution meets Marina, the face value of the city? 

The gushing waters of Cooum to the ocean continue to choke for years and the search for respite is on the envision! 

January 2021 witnessed foam deposits near the Napier Bridge, with findings of industrial effluents of phosphate floating the foreshore of Cooum mouth. 

Any restoration or clean up, fast becomes dead with steadfastness of civic negligence to turn it into an easy dumpyard. 

Can Cooum never be cleaned completely ever?

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