The ‘E’Rase: E-Waste Campaign

by Dakshina Kannan

With great innovation in electronics, comes a surge of electronic waste. With cheap and smart mobile phones, and easy E.M.I options, it has become easy to own and dispose electronics. For every new phone upgradation, one is discarded. Electronics are being produced at an exponential rate without a consideration of how much waste is being produced.

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To address this issue, E.F.I conducted an e-waste drive. A year after its successful campaign, the ERASE e-waste campaign is back again! This initiative is led by E.F.I to keep electronic waste out of land and water bodies. Since last year, we have increased our goal on e-waste collection from 280 kgs to 800 kgs.

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Electronic items contain hazardous substances including, lead, mercury, and cadmium. When they are improperly disposed, pregnant women and children are the most vulnerable to its pollution. Without personal protective equipment, children who are employed in informal labor are also exposed directly to these hazardous chemicals. Besides, e-waste also our contaminates groundwater system.

Here are some stories on why our volunteers participated in this campaign:


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This year, we were able to collect over 1200 kg of e-waste! Check out these images:

We thank all our volunteers and support from YPO Chennai Gateway for making this event a true success.

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