Dammit! – Idamalayar Dam

A mini series that brings to light the stories of India’s dams

📍Idamalayar Dam, Ernakulam district, Kerala

 ഇടമലയാർ അണക്കെട്ട്

നിർമ്മിച്ച ഈ അണക്കെട്ടിനു 373 മീറ്റർ നീളവും 102 മീറ്റർ ഉയരവുമുണ്ട്.

The Idamalayar Dam is built on Idamalayar river, one of the major tributaries of the Periyar river which originates from the Anaimalai Hills. It is a 102.4m high concrete gravity dam managed by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).

Construction began in 1970 and was completed after 17 years in 1987, the delay caused due to unorganized labour. The construction of this dam cost Rs. 539.50 crores to the Kerala Government.

Idamalayar is a multi-purpose dam. However, the main motive behind its construction was to meet the state’s power generation requirements. The Idamalayar Hydroelectric Power Station generates about 380 million units of power every year. Idamalayar is the source of water for the Idamalayar Irrigation Development Project which aims at improving agriculture of the surrounding regions. It also enhances industrial and domestic water supply while also providing recreational benefits like boating, trekking and bird watching.

With the Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary located closeby, one can find the areas surrounding the dam inhabited by Plum Headed Parakeets, Asian Openbills, Belied Eagle, Little Heron, Chestnut Tailed Starling etc.

SOURCE: ebird.org

The structure of this Very High Dam consists of 22 blocks and has 4 gates. Idamalayar dam has a storage capacity of 1032.2 million cubic metres and the spillway is capable of releasing 3012.8 metre cube of water per second.

RED ALERT was issued when the water level rose above 166.8 m.When rains cause havoc in Kerala, the dam has been opened on several occasions with the motive of controlling water levels.


ഇടമലയാർ ഡാമിന്റെ ഷട്ടറുകൾ തുറന്നു

After 2013,all shutters of the dam were opened during the 2018 Kerala floods as water reached dangerous levels.Water gushed out of the spillways in great force leaving surrounding areas submerged.This was coupled with landslides in a number of locations in the state leading to loss of life and property.

Did you know?

The Bhoothathankettu dam is only a 14 km drive from Idamalayar. It has an interesting story-its name literally translates to ghost dam. Very close to the man-made dam is an old dam which seems to have been created naturally through settling of huge rocks. Legends say that demons tried to build this dam in order to submerge the Thrikkariyoor Temple of Shiva. Lord Shiva, being witty, faked the appearance of dawn and caused the demons to run away.

SOURCE: keralatourism.org

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