Why do we need to rejuvenate our lakes?

How are lakes formed? Lakes are formed where there is depression in the landscape. It is localized in a basin, surrounded by land apart from rivers and other outlets that are fed. Lakes are distinct from lagoons and are larger than ponds. Life Cycle of Lakes Once lakes are formed, they do not stay theContinue reading “Why do we need to rejuvenate our lakes?”

Groundwater Replenishment

Groundwater is a natural resource of freshwater that soaks in the soil and stores in porous rocks and in other particles of the soil. It is also referred to as subsurface water to distinguish it from surface water. Groundwater accounts for nearly 95% of the freshwater resources. It can stay underground for hundreds of thousandsContinue reading “Groundwater Replenishment”

SILT – A blessing in disguise!

Silt is created when rocks are eroded or worn away by wind or water. Silt is made up of tiny rock and mineral particles that are smaller than sand. It can be transported by water, wind, ice and deposited. As silt flows along it chips more rocks.. Silt is found in soil along with otherContinue reading “SILT – A blessing in disguise!”

Urban Expansion has led to loss of Lakes

Migration of people is one of the main reasons for urbanisation, as people moved from rural areas to cities in search of jobs for better lifestyle and better living standards. Already half the global population live in cities, it is estimated that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s people will live in Urban areas. ThisContinue reading “Urban Expansion has led to loss of Lakes”