Damaged Kidneys of the Earth

Known as “kidneys of the Earth”, wetlands are of immense significance in the ecosystem. Havens for migratory birds, hotspots of flourishing flora and fauna, sources of clean water, etc. – wetlands are jackpots for us serendipitous humans. Or at least, they were jackpots. Our actions have inflicted calamitous damage on the world’s “kidneys”. Wetlands areContinue reading “Damaged Kidneys of the Earth”

The Three Rivers of Chennai

Cooum River Once designated as the “Thames of South India”, the 64-kilometer long Cooum River, like many other water bodies of Chennai, is dying a slow death.   This river that frolicked with life not so long ago has a sad story to share today. Excessive use of the river’s water for irrigation, direct discharge ofContinue reading “The Three Rivers of Chennai”

Few Canals of Chennai

Deemed the water capital of India by many, Chennai is at crossroads. Significant urbanization and industrialization has taken place at the cost of rising pollution. The city’s tales of beautiful water bodies have become distant memories as sewage, effluents, and plastics choke their lungs and kill the beings within. It’s only a matter of timeContinue reading “Few Canals of Chennai”