The ‘E’Rase: E-Waste Campaign

by Dakshina Kannan With great innovation in electronics, comes a surge of electronic waste. With cheap and smart mobile phones, and easy E.M.I options, it has become easy to own and dispose electronics. For every new phone upgradation, one is discarded. Electronics are being produced at an exponential rate without a consideration of how muchContinue reading “The ‘E’Rase: E-Waste Campaign”

Pandemic Protection: Tradeoff at a cost of Future Threat

Case Study: Lake in Golf Club Road by Srijita Chakrabarti The pandemic since the year 2020 has turned the world upside down especially concerning the natural resources at large which have majorly suffered. The tradeoff highlighted in this situation is at a cost of great future threat. The case highlighted in this article talks about theContinue reading “Pandemic Protection: Tradeoff at a cost of Future Threat”

Lake Arasankazhani – Where Beauty and Restoration Have Come Together

By Lavanya I’ve always wanted to live close to nature and that’s probably why my husband and I chose an area that is home to more than 15 lakes. We envisioned a life where we could gaze at the birds, walk along pristine waters, and even catch a glimpse of sea life! We felt thatContinue reading “Lake Arasankazhani – Where Beauty and Restoration Have Come Together”

Is there hope for the Thames of South India?

by Dakshina Kannan What was once known as ‘Thames of South India’ is now a highly polluted and toxic river. Cooum river is 65 kms long and it originates from a village of the same name in Tiruvallur district. The river faces pollution from illegal disposal of untreated sewage, untreated affluents from industries and encroachmentsContinue reading “Is there hope for the Thames of South India?”

The Story of Water and Wildlife

The Environmentalist Foundation of India, E.F.I, is a wildlife conservation and habitat restoration group. Over the years, our focus has always been to protect and conserve the environment. E.F.I since it’s inception in 2007 has successfully revived 132 water bodies across 15 states in the nation. In doing so, several lifeforms have thrived and rejoicedContinue reading “The Story of Water and Wildlife”

The Balancing Act: Analysing the role of Seemai Karuvelam Trees

Most of the wetland ecosystems in the city of Coimbatore are populated with the Karuvelam tree known as Babool. This species has particularly found mention in wetland restoration activities in the south of our country. The Seemai Karuvelam tree, or prosopis juliflora as it’s known biologically, is a species native to West Africa and wasContinue reading “The Balancing Act: Analysing the role of Seemai Karuvelam Trees”

An Evening at the Madambakkam Lake

On the 9th of January 2021, around 3: 30 pm, a group of energetic volunteers took on the mission to paint the bridge on opposite to the outlet of the Madambakkam Lake. The bridge which was previously a plastic laden spot for antisocial activities now has a different look on the whole. The volunteers whiteContinue reading “An Evening at the Madambakkam Lake”

E.F.I’s efforts towards a green environment!

It’s not about planting that sapling, its about caring-nurturing and see it grow. E.F.I’s ForesTree efforts aims to increase the green cover of our fragile environment! The Thamarai Kulam Plantation in Ennore On 8th January, over 1120 saplings (1060 Clerodendrum and 60 Oleander) were planted along the bunds (530 ft.) of the Thamarai Kulam in Ennore!Continue reading “E.F.I’s efforts towards a green environment!”