Chennai’s Inland Waters, Worth a Countless Words

The capital city of Tamil Nadu has a rich and diverse natural waters architecture. The natural amenities, flora and fauna, bio-diversity and beauty gives a significant standing that anyone should never miss visiting them. Lakes (in tamil “Aeri”) of Chennai act as a reservoir of rainfall. Inter-connection with other water bodies and the passage enablesContinue reading “Chennai’s Inland Waters, Worth a Countless Words”

“Pallikaranai Thamarai Kulam”

Index of Pallikaranai – The Lush Lotus Pristine Pond A tranquil, ancient, serene, and naturally formed space, the “Pallikaranai Thamarai Kulam” is a picturesque pond of Chennai’s only existential marshland, Pallikarani to behold pekins, domestic geese, and ducks perching and quacking, white lotuses smile, small tadpoles tickle your senses, and dancing nut grasses. The Lotus pondContinue reading ““Pallikaranai Thamarai Kulam””