Stepped Wells By Sushmitta Renganathan In India, water and waterbodies were always seen as life-giving and healing forces of nature. Water’s place of honor and reverence is visible in many architectural marvels. Tracing the idea of sanctity in water might take us as far as the documented beginning of civilization in India, or even further. WhileContinue reading “TEMPLES FOR WATER”

Recreational Waters : The confluence of kinship and coherence

Recreational waterbodies in India and the experiences they promise, have always relied on the on the deeply rooted sense of community and hospitality of our country. The most important role in this confluence, is played by the native communities: “The care-givers”. With this post, we welcome you to dive deeper into the significance of this extraordinary relationship. Enjoy your read!

Traces of the lost waterbodies

Chennai and its outskirts were once a bed, rich in natural resources, and biodiversity. Today it is home to the legends of the vanishing waterbodies. Find out how the lost water bodies leave traces of their former existence annually in our lives!

Gift of a Big Blue Heart

Warangal’s Badrakali Lake, has had an unparalleled significance in the city’s urban landscape for over a thousand years. This heart-shaped lake, nestled in the centre of the city, is a treasure in the truest sense of the word.