The Karuppan Kulam – Revival of a lost water body

The pond can be found at Menambedu, Ambattur. It is a 2.5-acre waterbody. From outside it does not appear as a pond any more. At first glance, it seems, that shrubs and sludge have completely covered up the area. The surroundings are mainly low one to three-storey residential buildings. To the west and south, thereContinue reading “The Karuppan Kulam – Revival of a lost water body”

The Samuel Nagar Pond Restoration

The waterbody is located in Samuel Nagar in the northern suburbs of Chennai. The 0.65 acres-sized pond was in bad shape. Weeds grew all over the water. The bunds lost their structure. In addition, lots of waste from the neighbouring waste sorting unit was able to be found inside the water. Invasive bush species, likeContinue reading “The Samuel Nagar Pond Restoration”

Thamarai Kulam – a preview

Located in the northern-most tip of Chennai, the Kathivakkam Thamaraikulam is the biggest pond of Ennore. The pond, with a size of 4.9 acres in located right in the middle of Kamaraj Nagar. It is surrounded by several little one to two-storey buildings. Several things are threatening the waterbody. From the west side approximately 10Continue reading “Thamarai Kulam – a preview”

Power of the People for the Pond

On February 2nd, all the people from the Gerugambakkam Community had come together to celebrate the World Wetlands Day but with a special twist to it. Gerugambakkam is a suburb located in the southwestern part of Chennai falling under Kanchipuram District. The Gerugambakkam Pond located in the heart of the suburb was once considered andContinue reading “Power of the People for the Pond”

Karimadom Colony Pond: A New Beginning

The Karimadom Colony Pond is located close to Attakkulangara-Killippalam Bypass Road in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. With an area of 1.6 acres, it is a small waterbody. It is the only pond in central Trivandrum which is not attached to a temple. This pond was earlier used for domestic purposes until the rapid urbanisation in the aftermathContinue reading “Karimadom Colony Pond: A New Beginning”

Egattur Pond – Work in Progress

Since our pond restoration program at Egattur Pond kickstarted with the Pongal @ Pond celebrations, the waterbody has changed massively.  Firstly, weeds and invasive bushes like the Prosopis juliflora have been removed from the bunds by the excavator. On the one hand,  the water holding capacity gets increased. On the other hand, with the removalContinue reading “Egattur Pond – Work in Progress”

Egattur Pond – The first steps of a restoration

The pond between the skyscrapers takes its first steps in the restoration progress. The small waterbody of 0.86 acres lies between the Hiranandani housing properties in Egattur, south of central Chennai. The bunds are overgrown by lush green bushes and weeds. The Thalam Kulam appears as a green paradise in between the blocks. The BuckinghamContinue reading “Egattur Pond – The first steps of a restoration”

Thalambur Keni Pond: A Restoration in Progress

  The Thalambur Keni Pond which is located in the South of Chennai is being restored by Environmentalist Foundation of India starting the 28th of December 2018.   With an area of around 3,200 square meters, it is a minor Pond. Directly adjacent to a highly developed area, this pond looked very chaotic and moreContinue reading “Thalambur Keni Pond: A Restoration in Progress”

The Restoration of Arasamara Pond by E.F.I.

The Arasamara Kulam is a pond of the size of one acre in G.N. Palayam. Five kilometres east of central Pondicherry. The area around the pond was for agriculture use back in the day. Due to rapid urbanisation, the area has now developed into a fully urbanised area with mainly one to two storey homes.Continue reading “The Restoration of Arasamara Pond by E.F.I.”

Tiruvannamalai Pond Restoration by E.F.I.

If you have seen pictures of Oothu Kulam dated one year back, you are not able to see any pond. The forgotten waterbody located in the south of central Tiruvannamalai was filled up with sludge. The pond of around one acre practically was unfunctional for its planned purpose. Besides the silt, invasive shrubs and bushesContinue reading “Tiruvannamalai Pond Restoration by E.F.I.”