Cloud Seeding: Seeding New Hope for Positive Environmental Action

In our favorite superhero universes, the capacity to control nature is an overpowering theme. Marvel character Storm was powerful enough to conjure fogs, tornadoes, and even mighty foods. The Varuna Yajna is a popularly performed ritual in India to appease the Rain Gods during extreme conditions of famine or drought. Rishis and priests immersed themselvesContinue reading “Cloud Seeding: Seeding New Hope for Positive Environmental Action”

The Worrying Space Case: How is Space Junk affecting us?

We no longer only litter and pollute our land, water, and air. The human way of exploiting our surroundings has reached a new height, literally, as we have transcended beyond earthly boundaries and are invading Space itself. Launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union, Sputnik 1 was the first successful artificial satellite to orbit aroundContinue reading “The Worrying Space Case: How is Space Junk affecting us?”

Green Weddings: The Zero-Waste Trend that Couples Need to Hop on

As a country known for its elaborate festivities and celebrations, India’s obsession with big, fat, and extravagant weddings does not come as a surprise. The Bollywood union of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor has flooded social media platforms and will continue to be romanticized until the next big thing. With wedding planners and consultancy firmsContinue reading “Green Weddings: The Zero-Waste Trend that Couples Need to Hop on”

Fast Fashion: A Fast-Growing Pandemic to the Environment

Imagine you are shopping on a hot Monday afternoon and an adorable shirt catches your eye through the shiny, sanitized glass panes of your favorite clothing store. The cheap rate of Rs 199 on the price tag is tempting, but having already purchased beyond your budget for the day, you make a mental note toContinue reading “Fast Fashion: A Fast-Growing Pandemic to the Environment”

The Role of Nature Stories and Folklore in Cultivating Eco-Consciousness

We have all heard the Aesop fable about the woodcutter who accidentally lost his axe in a river. The sentient river is moved by the weeping woodcutter and produces a golden axe, then a silver axe, from its depths, asking if it was the one he lost. The honest woodcutter shakes his head no forContinue reading “The Role of Nature Stories and Folklore in Cultivating Eco-Consciousness”

Scientific Study on the Chembarambakkam Lake

Introduction and Background The district of Kancheepuram is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The district spans an area of 36.14 square km. This district houses one of the State’s well-known artificial lakes which formed due to the collection of rainwater over the years – the Chembarambakkam Lake (Eri). The full tank capacity ofContinue reading “Scientific Study on the Chembarambakkam Lake”

Cryptocurrency and their impact on the environment

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are mined and traded on super-computers which consumes large amounts of energy and fuel, which is detrimental to the natural resources. A single bitcoin transaction can leave behind carbon footprints worth 1088.94 kgCO2, electrical energy of 2292.50kWh and electronic waste of 289.80g. Can it be made more sustainable? Efforts toContinue reading “Cryptocurrency and their impact on the environment”

Local water sports & their ecological and economical impact to the regional habitat

In the present day, when IPL and World Cup gain international attention, it is evident that sports as an industry has substantial potential to grow with both economical and social benefits. In line with the same, water sports also have a considerable amount of support and a business in this sector can have its positiveContinue reading “Local water sports & their ecological and economical impact to the regional habitat”

Urban forestry using the Miyawaki technique

The Greater Chennai Corporation is making plans to restore the Kadapakkam lake into a recreational spot with several benefits including a bird island flooded with trees using the Miyawaki technique (DTNext, 2022). As green and novel the term ‘Miyawaki’ sounds, it has its own set of advantages and challenges. This article aims to give anContinue reading “Urban forestry using the Miyawaki technique”

“Glocal”:- Local solutions for Global problems

The global politics around environmental actions faces the paradox of an impending doom and inefficient conservation. The Conference of Parties 26 is an example reflecting the global voice of environmental activism, while the continued destruction of the Amazon Forest and the lack of awareness of battery waste management post the advancing electric vehicles revolution reflectsContinue reading ““Glocal”:- Local solutions for Global problems”