The plight of Ganga

India’s longest river – the Ganges – has been a reluctant name in the list of the world’s most polluted rivers. Originating from the western Himalayas, this astounding work of nature gushes downward, turns right, and begins its eastbound journey for the Bay of Bengal. Several tributaries like the Yamuna, the Gandak and the GhagharaContinue reading “The plight of Ganga”

Majuli Island of the Brahmaputra River in Assam: Origin and alteration in geomorphological features

by Rohan Nath Introduction  The mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam is home to the largest river island of the world,  Majuli Island which spans an area of 1255 km2(Fig 1, 2). The island is a subdivision of the  Jorhat district of Assam and is inhabited by around 153,000 people. “Vaisnavite” shrines,  popularly known as “Sattras”Continue reading “Majuli Island of the Brahmaputra River in Assam: Origin and alteration in geomorphological features”

Dying a Slow Death – Lakes of Tamil Nadu

Lakes form an important part of an ecosystem. They help sustain the aqua-life as well as their surrounding habitat, and provide us with water for both domestic and industrial purposes. Lakes also help in regulating the flow of rivers. In Tamil Nadu, lakes are one of the most important pillars required for agriculture and irrigation.Continue reading “Dying a Slow Death – Lakes of Tamil Nadu”

An acidic threat to aquatic organisms

Acid rain is the one of the quintessential phenomena that portrays the negative outcomes of human activity and can occur in the form of rain, snow, sleet or fog. Though some rain can be naturally acidic, our activities are making it worse. What causes acid rain? When compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides areContinue reading “An acidic threat to aquatic organisms”

Lake restoration through ‘Bioremediation’

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water but less than 2% is portable fresh water. Yet, the contamination of essential freshwater sources like lakes and rivers has elevated over the years. A wetland can be considered polluted or eutrophic when its ability to metabolize and convert nutrients is failing under the weight of nutrient overloading.Continue reading “Lake restoration through ‘Bioremediation’”

Chennai – A Haven for Migratory Birds

by Rahul J Our seasonal guests, from over 29 countries, come to India every year during the winter. [1] For most of us, a day’s long flight is enough to tire and bore us down. But for these birds, taking flight paths that can go over 1000kms long is not a choice, it is anContinue reading “Chennai – A Haven for Migratory Birds”

Partitions and water

by Prithvi Saravanabawan People say, “ If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”. Nevertheless, people being who they are, constantly think that they stand at the pinnacle of nature’s creation and naturally think that they are entitled to everything around us. This is an archetype that we have constructed forContinue reading “Partitions and water”

Sustainable Living

by Nakshatra Balachander Living Alone and Bored weekends? Why don’t we move around our house and make it a zero-waste home without disposing anything? A little background of zero-waste house concept:  Zero Waste is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently  throws away. Adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle is one of theContinue reading “Sustainable Living”

Ganges River Dolphins (Platanista gangetica gangetica): Effect of Dams and their Conservation

by Rohan Nath Introduction Considering the rate with which many landscapes, including freshwater ecosystems, around the world is being converted by humans; it is important to understand the evolutionary  potential of endangered species. The race between the surrounding countries to harness water  extraction and hydropower propels the South Asian Rivers into a threat. The mostContinue reading “Ganges River Dolphins (Platanista gangetica gangetica): Effect of Dams and their Conservation”

Kanakan Lake – Puducherry

The Kanakan lake in Puducherry is well-renowned for its magnificent beauty and significance in the lives of the city’s inhabitants, as it also serves as one of the largest sources of freshwater in the union territory. Today, the lake is battling for its survival as it continues to be choked by untreated sewage and industrialContinue reading “Kanakan Lake – Puducherry”