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Restoration of the Pura Kulam in Tiruvallur District Watch the ongoing restoration of lake meant for the farmers.

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E.F.I’s Drops – The Karimadom Pond

Thiruvananthapuram in God’s own country, at its heart has a jewel that is being exploited. This is the story of the Karimadom colony pond. Watch-learn-share-conserve. Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I!

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E.F.I’s HydroStar | The Rainwater Harvesting Star | Episode-1

Water crisis and lack of water often grabs headlines. Do we ever take time to talk about those who are conserving and making a difference? Here is E.F.I's effort to celebrate individuals who care about water. Mrs. Maheshwari and family have been pioneers in Rain Water Harvesting. Watch and learn, how each of us can… Continue reading E.F.I’s HydroStar | The Rainwater Harvesting Star | Episode-1