Achieving Food Security by Reducing Food Loss and Waste

Food Loss and Waste refers to food not consumed by people and is either lost or wasted somewhere in the food supply chain between being ready for harvest and used-up as consumed food. A few startling facts to begin with : Around 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally per year amounting to $940Continue reading “Achieving Food Security by Reducing Food Loss and Waste”

River Poetry

Guest Contribution: Miss. Dhrthi Our Elixir- The River An elixir, the mighty river twists and turns,Undeterred by the plastic and weeds that choke it.For a single drop of pure water, our heart yearnsBut do we ever do something about it?Dreams of clear water infiltrate our thoughtsInstead with sewage and filth, we ensue drought.The dirty riverContinue reading “River Poetry”

E.F.I’s Eco Lab Batch of 2020 – Our new environmental leaders

In the academic year 2019-20, E.F.I  established an environmental education program called “Eco-Lab” at the Chennai Middle School in Thiruvanmiyur. Students from classes 6th to 8th were invited to participate in sessions, which were conducted every Fridays by E.F.I’s Education Team. The motto behind these sessions were to help the students better understand conservation throughContinue reading “E.F.I’s Eco Lab Batch of 2020 – Our new environmental leaders”