Caring for the Heart of the World: Hussain Sagar Lake

While COVID-19 has brought so many serious consequences for so many around the world, it has also shown us that, if allowed, our environments can recover.

Read more about how #HussainSagarLake is recovering in our latest article

Recreational Waters : The confluence of kinship and coherence

Recreational waterbodies in India and the experiences they promise, have always relied on the on the deeply rooted sense of community and hospitality of our country. The most important role in this confluence, is played by the native communities: “The care-givers”. With this post, we welcome you to dive deeper into the significance of this extraordinary relationship. Enjoy your read!

River Poetry

Guest Contribution: Miss. Dhrthi Our Elixir- The River An elixir, the mighty river twists and turns,Undeterred by the plastic and weeds that choke it.For a single drop of pure water, our heart yearnsBut do we ever do something about it?Dreams of clear water infiltrate our thoughtsInstead with sewage and filth, we ensue drought.The dirty riverContinue reading “River Poetry”

E.F.I’s Eco Lab Batch of 2020 – Our new environmental leaders

In the academic year 2019-20, E.F.I  established an environmental education program called “Eco-Lab” at the Chennai Middle School in Thiruvanmiyur. Students from classes 6th to 8th were invited to participate in sessions, which were conducted every Fridays by E.F.I’s Education Team. The motto behind these sessions were to help the students better understand conservation throughContinue reading “E.F.I’s Eco Lab Batch of 2020 – Our new environmental leaders”

The Pallikaranai Marshland – a lost soul

I look out of my classroom window, as my biology teacher drones on about ‘meiosis cell division’. I stare at the vast expanse of marshland ahead of me. Looking out at the area, reveling in its vastness and enormity, I consider what my friends had told me before class: the Pallikaranai marshland is only aboutContinue reading “The Pallikaranai Marshland – a lost soul”

The Kodaikanal Lake – an example for conservation

Located in Dindigul district city of Kodaikanal, the Kodai Lake is a man-made lake, which was created due to a scenario unique to Kodaikanal. As the roads up to this hill-town were being built, large masses of soil that were necessary in creating the path up the hill, were needed. As this soil was removedContinue reading “The Kodaikanal Lake – an example for conservation”