Water Bodies

September 3, 2020 by Pooja

Water Resources

Hello Green Brigadier’s,

Here sharing short video related to Water resource, any of the entire range of natural waters that occur on the Earth, regardless of their state i.e. vapour , liquid, or solid etc…

YouTube Link:

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Giant Squirrel – State animal of Maharashtra

September 1, 2020 by Poonam

Hello All,

Did you know about the state animals?

So, today I going to share some interesting facts about the state animal of Maharashtra……

Let’s watch it…

Hello Fellows!

August 12, 2020 by SR,Preetha

Kick Starting Fellowship Program!


The orientation session on 3rd Aug 2020 was the first step towards an ambitious journey. The following days served as an opening for the fellows to get along, know each other, and do their bit to prepare a conducive environment for the 12 week program.

8th Aug 2020 marked the day one of the first week of the fellowship, with an excellent Webinar recording presented by Arun (EFI) about Kitchen Gardening.

Each week is defined with a set of activities, which will be revealed to the fellows on a weekly basis. For this week, the fellows are to scout a location for gardening and identify/build a community of their own to influence and bring transformation in them.

The journey has just began and the excitement is already in the air. The most exciting and awaited part of the week is going to be when we meet and share the updates of our new adventure!

Happy GLOing everyone!

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