My Start with Terrace Garden – Lets Grow Together

August 14, 2020 by JAYE VIGNESHWAR

Pot Selection : When I had to start with Terrace Garden, I thought of up-cycling some waste plastics that could get into Recycling and pollute.

I always followed this- Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

So why not reuse something which someone decided to recycle? I decided to extend the life of the immortal for few more years

Went to a scrapyard scouting for some Useful Junk and I got lucky with used Crates which are slightly broken and still good enough to be used as pots.


Bought Coco Peat, Red Soil, Clay and Vermi-compost sufficient enough for the 2 crates I picked from the scrapyard.


Decided to place the pots in terrace so I could have a relaxed morning and evening times watching these lifelines grow up enjoying the breeze.


After ensuring there is sufficient water drain happening from the crates (I didn’t make new holes, whatever was broken already took care) I started filling up the crates with the Soil, Coco Peat and Vermi-compost.

1 crate was filled with 50-50 ratio of Soil:Cocopeat+Vermi-compost. I thought this will be good for bigger plants.

2nd crate was filled with 30-70 ratio of Soil: Socopeat+Vermi-compost. This is for the greens.

What is my potential Harvest?

I have sown 1. Tomato 2. Manathakkali(Sun Berry) 3. Methi 4. Coriander 5. Chilly

Hoping to see these lives come up and enjoy the breeze with me. Post your questions or recommendations regarding the Terrace Garden as a Comment.

#GLO Fellowship Week 1 Experience (Kitchen Gardening and Community Building).

August 15, 2020 by Suman Prabirkumar

Total Reading Time Required – Approx. 5 minutes.

Hello Green Brigadiers,

Green Living Outreach (GLO) Fellowship is an amazing initiative jointly organized by Cognizant Outreach and Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI). I was skeptical whether I could actively engage myself as I am the only associate from Canada and in a different time zone from India (IST), but this fear did not stop me from getting involved in this fellowship. In fact, the sheer excitement of this program, made me wake me up early morning to attend the GLO fellowship meetings and workshops (sometimes even on the weekends) when they were scheduled.

Week-0 started with an introductory session by EFI Mentor (Arun) followed by a great fun intro session idea-ted by S R, Preetha (Cognizant) in order to get to know other fellows and the program team.

GLO Fellowship Week-1 gave all the enthusiastic fellows their first hands-on experience on kitchen gardening. This was the first time I was actively engaging myself into gardening. The workshop by Arun made me more inquisitive about this field and I started researching more on this and found that how interesting this field is and how the pre-requisites are readily available around us. I rushed to the Walmart Super store and got the seeds (Corriander, radish and fenugreek) and the Soil (containing required plant food and fertilizer). For the first time in my grocery list, I bought stuffs for kitchen garden. I used “Best out of Waste” strategy to use containers of food delivery (instead) of buying new pots to reuse the containers rather than throwing them. Along with prepping my kitchen garden, I reached out of my friends and family members, who are like-minded, to share the lessons I have learnt about kitchen gardening and formed a community. I also learnt and got inspired by few of my community members who do organic farming and grow vegetables and herbs in their backyard garden.

August is always special for me as my wife’s birthday comes in this month but this time August 2020 is even more special as it marked the beginning of my GLO fellowship journey. On my wife’s birthday, along with other gifts, I gifted her an organic plant to celebrate the start of our Kitchen garden week and GLO Fellowship journey. On her birthday, my wife decided to to join hands with me as a community member for the GLO Fellowship Go-Green initiatives.

GLO fellowship has made me consciously focused now for Go green initiatives. My biggest takeaway from this fellowship is that we should always learn good practices from the people around us and not hesitate to take small positive steps even though if we feel the step is smaller than what others are doing. We are only competing with our self and continuously learning from others. Every small positive step that we take is adding a net positive impact from our side and making us better than what we were before. So keep learning and keep spreading the positive energy that you have within yourself.

Thanks to all the core program mentors S R, Preetha (Cognizant), Mahalingam, Sankara (Cognizant), @Lopez, Joseph Alex (Cognizant), @Ojha, Aman (Cognizant), @Asokan, Archana (Cognizant) (to name a few) with whom I got a chance to interact and got tremendous guidance and motivation to progress.

Looking forward to learn from all the fabulous fellows and mentors!!

#Cognizant #Outreach #EFI

Until next week…

Signing off,

Suman Prabirkumar Chakraborty

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