My Start with Kitchen Garden – Let’s Shine with Nature.!

September 10, 2020 by Santhinidevi

#GLO Fellowship Program

Green Living Outreach (GLO) Fellowship Program is a wonderful initiative organized by Cognizant Outreach jointly with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI).

Fellowship program kick-started with wonderful fun intro with our fellow Green Brigadiers.

Here is my Week 1 experience,

Location Scout:

Selected a small space which is facing East near to Kitchen. This place gets optimum sunlight from morning till noon, so I fixed that location to grow plants.

Veggies and Greens Selection:

I decided to grow Tomato, Chili, Coriander, Fenugreek, Stem Lettuce, Blank night shade [It is a Good cure for mouth ulcers] and collected seeds of them.

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Pot and Soil Selection:

Collected some unused mud pots from my house and took 3 pots -> 1 is bigger compared to other two pots. Collected soil from backyard and filled each pots with Soil + Bio-Compost in 70:30 ratio.

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Bio-Composting is a simple process which can be done at home itself. 

This is how I did Bio-composting at my home,

Added kitchen dry waste like fruit peels, Onion peels & vegetable peels etc. in a pit at backyard. Then added a layer of cow manure or it can be any other manure, then added a layer of soil.

After 2 months or so bio-compost will be ready. I got my first bio-compost after 2 months.

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Sowed seeds of Tomato, Chili in big size pot and Coriander, Fenugreek, Stem Lettuce, Blank night shade in small pots for germination. I used to sprinkle water in pots every morning & evening and spend some time with them.

Now eagerly waiting for the new little ones to sprout..!

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Also we have planted few Veggies, Herbs & Flower Plants our backyard maintained by our family members.

Here is our baby Watermelons growing amazingly good which I planted a month back in our backyard. Also we have harvested 2-3 Watermelons this Strong plant which tasted amazing…!

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Ridge Guard and Black Thulasi which my mom planted 2 weeks back are growing really good.

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Why Kitchen Garden?

  • Grow our own fresh vegetables
  • No chemical pesticides
  • Get fresh herbs
  • Good for health
  • Good stress relief
  • Know how your food grows
  • Sense of accomplishment

“Food you grow yourself tastes amazing..! When food tastes better, they‘re less likely to go to waste..!”

“Plants are always part of our life..!”

“Plant trees, Spend some time with them..!” Definitely you will feel fantastic. !

Also you will get lot of new friends to your garden! Yes… I see few Butterflies, Honey Bees &  other small insects coming to my backyard.

Hope this fellowship program is going to be very enriching, looking forward to learn more from all the Green Brigadiers & Mentors.!!!

Post your suggestions or views as a Comment.

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By Santhinidevi S | 16-Aug, 2020

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