Kitchen Gardening _ My First Try

August 18, 2020 by Nithya


This is my first try with Kitchen Gardening. Learning from Arun from EFI to Mentoring by Archana Asokan, it was wonderful start. 

While I was setting up a small place inside my Kitchen, since I do not have a big garden or place or terrace to have big pots like everyone else, I started with Coriander and Tomato only. Then came the inspiration of doing a Microgreens inside Kitchen without Soil and much hassles.

To get into the fellow ship and add our community, we sent a volunteering voting option to my team of 70 members, There came with 10 members who was ready for a 10 day challenge.

We took nomination, formed a WhatsApp group, and experience sharing by Archana, we started with the Microgreen Challenge. Starting with holes in the box, with no soil challenge, etc, we successfully had Methi, Fenugreek, Moong, Mustard etc starting up to Sprout. We had our avengers guarding the Soaking of seeds.

As the week went over, it was so positive to see whose microgreens started sprouting faster. Everyday the member has to post the pic. It was glowing green for some, and mine was yellow. I was so worried, then Archana mentioned it needs a little sunlight. Viola my moong microgreens starting going up but my fenugreek was little slow.

With this challenge we are moving to week 2.

Discover Waterways – Save Them!

September 10, 2020 by Santhinidevi

Week 1 of our fellowship program was super fantastic with lots of new learning & experiments with fellow Green Brigadiers.

With super excitement here is my week 2 experience,

Everyone knows that our earth surface is covered with 71 percent of water. This includes the large oceans, small rivers, lakes and icecaps etc…

Every day we generate waste in different forms and every year we dump approximately 2.12 billion tons of waste on our mother earth

That’s a huge number isn’t it..!

So… Have you ever wondered about water-bodies or waterways? And their current situation?

Let’s Think..!

Why not explore nearby water-bodies or waterways and understand their situation..?

Here starts a small story, ‘River & Me’..!

River: I am one of the tributaries to river Amaravati.

I travel in the direction from South towards North to meet Amaravati.

I rarely travel from my home ‘ALAGAPURI DAM’, only during heavy rainy season.

Hey you… Reading this Story!

Everyone GOOD there..???

Me: Yes!!!

River: That’s GREAT..!!

When I think about the waterway I travel, I am a bit SAD

Me: Oh really… Why are you sad?

River: Because I always end up making my friend Amaravati SAD…

Me: Is there a way to make you happy?

River: Do you want to make me happy?

Me: Yes, Exactly!

River: Here are some TIPS for that,

    • Vegetate near river banks
    • Avoid dumping solid waste in waterways
    • Manage drainage system
    • Maintain sand level in river

Me: Oh, Okay…. But why should I vegetate near river banks?

River: When I travel fast I erode the banks, vegetation helps to reduce my capacity to erode.

The roots of plants bind and hold together to absorb the force of the water flow.

Me: That’s interesting! So… Why avoid dumping waste in waterways?

River: On my travel I flow across many buildings, farmlands, small industries etc… So I get myself bit polluted all along my way with the waste you dump.

Me: Okay. Why should I help manage drainage system?

River: Pure water gets totally damaged & smelly when I get mixed up with drainage system on my way.

Me: That is all okay. But daily we generate many waste, where can I go dispose them?

River: It is very simple. Flow 5R’s!

Me: 5R’s… What is that..?

River: It is Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. Following this 5R’s of Resource management [also called Waste management] you can manage your daily waste effectively.

Me: That’s really a different approach, interesting..!

River: Also avoid usage of non-biodegradable products such as plastics etc… as much as possible and go with cloth bags, it will reduce the non-biodegradable waste

Me: Opting to use cloth bags… That sounds good!

River: When I get mixed up with this non-biodegradable waste it is very stuffy and I can’t even breathe properly. Some aquatic species loss their life in worst situation.

Me: Oh no…. really sorry for that!

River: If you and your friends follow these tips that will be more than enough for me and my friend Amaravati to be HAPPY.

Me: I definitely do, encourage & join hands with my friends, family members to follow these tips to make you happy, my friend..!

River: So finally…. Do you know who I am?

Me: No….

River: Have you heard about me..!

I am sub river KUDAGANAR from Tamilnadu.

Me: That is one unique name…! My friend.

Let’s join hands together to save our waterways!

“Water is MAGIC, feel it in its Original form!”

“Everything starts with US… INDIVIDUALS..!” “So… Let’s manage our daily waste effectively..!”

“Say NO to PLASTICS..!”

“Follow leave-no-trace wherever we travel..!”

“Save our Waterways to have fresh Water-bodies..!”

“PURE Water is the best MEDICINE!”

“Let’s together feel the essence of FRESH air, taste the PURE water!”

Post your suggestions or views as a comment.

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By Santhinidevi S | 20-Aug, 2020

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