Kitchen Garden?

August 23, 2020 by Teesta

For now, I live in an apartment in Bangalore with my parents. That means that all my fruits and vegetables come from a store in bags and not from plants. Well, isn’t that a comfortable life? The question is, at what cost?

Why should we even give it a second thought? Well, I will not answer that question. I would rather, give you a few more questions.

– From where do these vegetables come and how are they grown?

– How long are they stored for and how are they able to stay good for so long?

– How are they fresh till they reach our plate or are they?

While we figure out the answer to these questions, we can do more than just worry. We can eat fresh!

Fresh out of our own garden! Though the beginnings are always humble, all your garden needs is a little place with warmth and sufficient sunlight. Also, a little space in your heart, mind and determination. As for me, I have been able to start a small kitchen garden myself. It took some help and a lot of support from my mother and sister and we have been able to grow Tulasi, chili and some tomatoes in last few months. This time we decided to add some coriander and ginger. You can see pictures of my recent addition to the garden.

It took some time to make ‘a little space in our determination’, considering the limited space, resources and the fact that we’ll be moving in 19 months from now. However, the effort was worthwhile. Now every time we sit in our balcony, we have a pretty site to sit by.

How did we get it altogether with shops closed and limited stock? it took a few new and old containers, some reused. A little bit of pebbles to lay the foundation, some mud and compost from the local nursery (you can find plenty in your neighborhood if you live in Bangalore) and some coconut fiber from the coconuts we consumed on the weekend. You can find all of this online as well.

Well that’s all it took, to make a little green spot in home!


Madanakuppam Lake@Ambattur

August 24, 2020 by Nithya

This time I am here to talk about the Ambattur lake / Pond. There are 9 ponds in Ambattur. One of them is Madanakuppam lake, which is very important source of ground water.

EFI has saved Vairavan and Thamaraikulam Pond. Madanankuppam pond is cleaned and maintained by one of our own EFI volunteer with Cognizant. I am proud to have been part of one such initiative of Wall painting and Cleaning the Pond.

When I first went in with the team, it was so scary with all bush, beer bottles, dumps, snakes, creatures and I was worried. Later the volunteers helped to lock one area and clear the entire grass which was so bushy.

After 2 hours in the sun, we managed to clear the entire debris. A team did wall painting and in the next few minutes you can see a beautiful park by the river.

Later we found beautiful creepers and flowers amidst those debris. The EFI volunteer explained us the importance of ground water maintenance and the need to keep this clean.

We all need to be conscious of our ponds and lakes. Do preserve nature

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