Kitchen Gardening – new learning in New Normal

August 24, 2020 by Poonam

Hello Friends….

We all know that this lockdown period is not that easy. But we also have got lot of opportunities to develop new skills and follow our passion. Moreover, it brought us close to our family and nature. We did baking, painting, playing indoor games etc. #Family Time

One of the few things I learned and still learning is Kitchen Gardening..

So here is my experience…

First of all thanks to Cognizant Outreach for bringing us this wonderful initiative of Green Living Outreach Living (GLO) Fellowship Program in collaboration with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI). This program gives you excellent opportunity to learn and do various community outreach activities for Environment.

So it all started on 8th Aug, 2020 with our first session of Kitchen Gardening by Arun from EFI. He guided us through various steps of Kitchen Gardening and told about various DO’s and DON’Ts. Indeed a great session!!! #GLO

I started a bit late with this activity due to busy schedule. So, I got a partner to help me, my Dadu. Well who could have been better than him? We got to spend a lot of time together which otherwise was not possible due to long working hours. #Fun

Our Dos —

First Step – Location scouting

Select a location at your home with ample sunlight. We chose our small terrace for growing veggies.

Second Step- Pot and Veggies selection

  • For pot we used waste plastic bottles, to make best out of waste.
  • We already have Neem at our place, so we chose tomato, chilly, coriander and collected seeds for the same.
  • For tomato – Use tomato slice (middle portion is best )
  • For coriander – Take coriander, crush and soak them and use
  • For chilly – Use seeds from red dried chilly

Third Step : Getting pot ready and planting

We took garden soil and cowdung for compost.Planted them and now eagerly waiting for them to grow up.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the steps….

Well , I am still learning but let me share some of the DO’s and DON’Ts learnt so far

Do’s :

  • Sunlight is important for germination, so place your pot accordingly
  • Plants to be watered every six hours in week 1, to maintain moisture
  • Clean dust from the leafs


  • Keep plants away from AC exhaust
  • Don’t keep plants below detergent drip
  • Don’t over water the plants

So this was the start of my learning in this ‘New Normal’, again thanks to GLO fellowship. Thanks Archana for mentoring us.

There is a lot of information exchange over our group daily and we learn a lot from our Green Brigadiers and Mentors through this program. I know more such excitement is going to come…

#Learn Green #Go green

Let me Tell a Kutti Story

August 26, 2020 by JAYE VIGNESHWAR

Long long ago, so long ago there lived a King “Maharaja”. His country was wealthy and every year the wealth was growing. The kingdom had so many sources of income like sea trading, selling tools, equipment, art works, etc. Maharaja’s ancestors left him so many Magic Locker Rooms to store the wealth collected from the various sources. The Magic Locker Rooms will every year will absorb the gold stored and streghten its walls, thereby Magic Locker Rooms size kept on decreasing. At some point in time the Maharaja was the weathiest Kind and the lockers were full. He was not able to store anymore wealth safely. His wealth was robbed once in a while by the neighbouring kingdoms, but it disn’t matter to him as he had surplus wealth.

As years passed by Maharaja’s sources of income decreased. One fine day, all his wealth was gone. He didn’t have a single penny for him or the people of his Kingdom. He immediately called upon the ministers and held a meeting to come out of this crisis. The ministers walked down the memory lane and suggested the King that since they didn’t take care of increasing the number of locker rooms and also didn’t take care of ever decreasing size of the locker rooms, currently we are at this situation.

The ministers recommended to start taking out the Gold form the walls of Magic Locker Rooms and build more locker rooms so that we can store more wealth. Maharaja agreed to the idea and took out all the Gold which the Magic Locker Rooms have saved all through the years and increased the size of lockers and built more lockers. Still he wasn’t getting any wealth.

The Puzzled Maharaja went to the people of the Kingdom and asked them “Though I have built more Magic Locker Rooms and Increased the sizes, still I’m not getting any wealth for the Country, what should I do now?”

The Gathering got angry and replied to the Maharaja that “Who will bring you all the wealth? You have just built the Magic Locker Rooms.

The Maharaja Replied “You the people were the sources of income, you have to bring back the wealth, I’m here to safeguard your wealth and give it back to you during any crisis”

The People Replied “You were not having enough Magic Locker Rooms to save our wealth, we stopped bringing the wealth”

The Maharaja understod that, it is important for him to take care safeguarding the wealth and consitently work on increasing the capacity. He apologised to the people for overlooking this. Now the people of the Kingdom also understood that there isn’t any wealth that stays with them forever. They need to keep bringing it every year so that the Kingdom flourishes.

In the Above story

Wealth is nothing but the Water.

Magic Locker Rooms are Lakes, Dams, Ponds. They have to be maintained for a perfect ecology, strengthened, increase the capacity to cater the needs of the evergrowing population.

Sources of income are the Rain, Rivers.

Earth contains huge quantities of water in its oceans, lakes, rivers, the atmosphere, and believe it or not, in the rocks of the inner Earth. Over millions of years, much of this water is recycled between the inner Earth, the oceans and rivers, and the atmosphere. This cycling process means that freshwater is constantly made available to Earth’s surface where we all live.

Our planet is also very efficient at keeping this water. Water, as a vapor in our atmosphere, could potentially escape into space from Earth. But the water doesn’t escape because certain regions of the atmosphere are extremely cold. (At an altitude of 15 kilometers, for example, the temperature of the atmosphere is as low as -60° Celsius!) At this frigid temperature, water forms solid crystals that fall back to Earth’s surface.

While our planet as a whole may never run out of water, it’s important to remember that clean freshwater is not always available where and when humans need it. In fact, half of the world’s freshwater can be found in only six countries. More than a billion people live without enough safe, clean water.

Also, every drop of water that we use continues through the water cycle. Stuff we put down the drain ends up in someone or something else’s water. We can help protect the quality of our planet’s freshwater by using it more wisely.

Do you Know?

I have always wondered what happens to all these water after a rain.

After a Rain – Roads

Lets take a simple example of a Road Junction where such water clogging happens.

Say, Width of the Road – 30 Metre Length of the Junction – 300 Metre Height of the Water Clogging – 0.1 Metre

How many litres of water is that?

30*300*0.1 = 900M3

If 1 M3=1000 Litres

9,00,000 Litres of Fresh Potable water is clogged and evaporates and takes the same cycle again without any use for anybody.

 What can you Do?

Rain Drains are important elements to replenish the lakes and ponds around your home. After a rain if you see any places with such water clogging find where there is a rain drain and if the drain is properly routed to any nearby Lake or Pond. You wouldn’t really require any major infrastructure support to divert the water into the drains. Identify the rain water drains around your home and ensure the rain water is channeled properly.

Rain Water Drains clogged and no more is taking the water to Lakes and Ponds.

“Small drops makes ocean”

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