State Animal – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

September 20, 2020 by JAYE VIGNESHWAR

Andaman and Nicobar Island – Union Territory

When an Elephant can fly it becomes “Dumbo”

When an Elephant can swim it Becomes “Dugong”

Dumbo maybe Surreal but Dugong is real.

Yes! Let’s see about “Dugong” a Marine Mammal which can easily convince anybody that they evolved from the Elephants.


They are usually called as “Sea Cow” because they eat only sea grass.

Lets see some interesting Facts about Dugong.

  • They’re the only completely marine mammal that has a diet consisting solely of sea grass.

What you consume is what you become

  • You can estimate a dugong’s age by how many rings that they have on their tusks, just like a tree!

This IPL season, while you are curious about the 11.

  • A Dugong is setting up a timer of 11 minutes to go get food and be back to the surface to take a Breath. A Dugong can hold its breath for up to 11 minutes and dive up to 33 metres to feed

Have a you ever imagined how could Bird Chirping and Dog Barking sound could travel under water?

  • Dugong’s can communicate using barks, chirps, squeaks, trills and other sounds that can travel through water.

A Baby Dugong

This Harmless creature is about to Extinct. In the last 30 yrs the total number of Dugongs has come down by 90%.

Even though Dugong’s have longer Life Span of approx 70yrs, it is not helping them much. Awareness is the key to save such harmless creatures which could be easily ignored as they don’t posses any immediate harm for the Humans.

–A Jaye Vigneshwar

Managing Waste…!!!

September 19, 2020 by Poonam

Hello Friends…

I hope all of you are going green. So, I am back with yet another topic, which is of great concern i.e. managing wastes generated in our day to day activities.

Guys, in our childhood we all might have done waste management in some or the other ways like

  • Using waste toothbrushes for spray painting, for cleaning small things..
  • Using empty boxes as pen stand or for our small belongings or toys
  • Using the invitation cards for making greetings or craft items for decorations
  • Using our old clothes for cleaning in house (our so called Pocha) weird but one of the ways of using waste things
  • Making shelves or dustbins out of waste cardboards etc

Well there are many…

As we grew up, we got to know that there are many other wastes too which needs to be managed!!

Like, tap water wastage, chemical waste while bathing, washing etc..

Well there are ways too to manage these wastes and this would require a lot of change in our habits.

Let’s see them one by one –

  • Replacing plastic in our use :

We all know that plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. So it should be the first one to be removed or replaced.

  • Replace plastic toothbrush with the Bamboo toothbrush
  • Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, we can make cloth bags out of old clothes
  • Use jute bags instead of plastic bags for grains
  • We can reuse this jute bags as door mats as well
  • Bring your own coffee mug in your bay instead of using plastic or paper cups this would help our trees as well
  • Use steel or copper bottles instead of plastic ones. Well, drinking water from copper bottles have a lot of health benefits. So please do try this one. Nowadays, there are bamboo bottles also in trend.
  • Bring your own napkin and avoid using tissue papers
  • Replace the disposable plastic plates and cups to banana leaf plates and cups or else we can use steel plates. We can have a set of steel plates and cups which we can share with everyone for using in parties at home and after use wash and keep them for next party use for next person.
  • Replacing chemicals in our use:
    • We all have habit of using various bathing soaps and body wash that too with attractive smell, well removing them from our use may take time, but we would have to, as these chemicals are eventually polluting our rivers.
    • So we can start using Multani mitti or other homemade mixtures for bathing instead of using chemical soaps or body wash
    • We can replace dish wash bar with ash,mud or lemon water. Well in old days we used to wash utensils with these things only.
    • We can use Ritha Fruits(soapnuts) as an alternative to detergent
    • We can use Shikakai as shampoo, instead of using chemical shampoo, also Soaked Fenugreek seeds is also helpful for removing dandruff. All these homemade cleaners may take time but they control hair fall and keep or hair black for long (need of the hour J)
    • We can use neem sticks for brushing teeth instead of using toothpastes. They are best for our gums.
  • Check on water wastage
  • We can use aerators in our taps or showers, which helps in minimize water wastage to great extent
    • We can use the waste water from Water Purifiers for watering plants or cleaning utensils etc.
    • We can wash utensils in a bucket full of water instead of running tap water
    • We can opt for rainwater harvesting (below image)

Friends the list is big for our various Do’s and Don’ts for managing waste and conserving environment. All we have to do is RETHINK before our every use.

Let’s follow 5 R’s of waste management:

  2. REUSE

Hope I could remind you of some of the waste management techniques and how we can change our habits to sustain environment.

Keep Going Green….

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