Pond Restoration

Karuppan Kulam – End of mechanical work

The mechanical work at the Karuppan Kulam has been finished. The excavators are leaving the pond. Lots of silt has been moved in the last weeks. In the following lines, we will explain the full progress. Read here about the status of the pond at the start: https://lakesofindia.com/2019/04/19/the-karuppan-kulam-start-of-work/ The pond located in Menambedu, Ambattur, had… Continue reading Karuppan Kulam – End of mechanical work

Lake Restoration

The Alapakkam Lake – a preview

The Alapakkam Lake, locally known as Kuyavan Eri is located in between the military airstrip of Sittalapakkam in the north and Alapakkam in the south. The surrounding area is not densely populated and mainly shaped by fields and one-to two-storey houses. Some of those homes border the lake directly. Lush green weeds are covering the… Continue reading The Alapakkam Lake – a preview

Pond Restoration

Alleri tank – Silt is moving

The restoration of Alleri tank has been now going on for nearly a month and without no doubt, the lake has changed a lot. The de-watering has completely finished with only leaving two pits of water for fish, turtles and other aquatic animals to stay during the restoration progress. Invasive weeds have been removed from… Continue reading Alleri tank – Silt is moving

Lake Clean-up

A day for the sake of the lake and self-care

That day, for the sake of the Arasankazhani Lake and self-care, was the first of a kind activity which I had ever come across in Chennai. It is very close to my heart, because the lake still survives, even with so much of disturbances right next to it. Thanks to Environmentalist Foundation of India for… Continue reading A day for the sake of the lake and self-care


How India Named It’s Water Bodies.

India, one of the oldest civilizations is a land of evolutionary knowledge. Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I) through this series brings to focus literature related to water from ancient India. Telugu, Tamil to Marathi, Garo, Odiya to Punjabi, languages in this country have nomenclature for nature reserves that imply so much more than just for… Continue reading How India Named It’s Water Bodies.

Pond Restoration

The Karuppan Kulam – Start of work

Work is going on for 2 weeks at Karuppan Kulam and many things have already changed. At first, the invasive weeds needed to be removed. Plants like the Prosopis Joliflora are destroying the native environment by leaving other native plants no space and water to grow. It looks green on top, but it is grey… Continue reading The Karuppan Kulam – Start of work