Microplastic Pollution

Microplastics are non-biodegradable pieces of plastic which measure less than 5mm. These tiny pieces of plastic are causing havoc in our environments, ecosystems, and potentially our health. Read more to learn how India is leading the way in the fight against plastic pollution and how we can avoid microplastics.


Stepped Wells By Sushmitta Renganathan In India, water and waterbodies were always seen as life-giving and healing forces of nature. Water’s place of honor and reverence is visible in many architectural marvels. Tracing the idea of sanctity in water might take us as far as the documented beginning of civilization in India, or even further. WhileContinue reading “TEMPLES FOR WATER”

Caring for the Heart of the World: Hussain Sagar Lake

While COVID-19 has brought so many serious consequences for so many around the world, it has also shown us that, if allowed, our environments can recover.

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