Indian Environmentalists

Indian Environmentalists Awards

— First Edition, 2020 —

An award to honor dedicated volunteers across the country who are true #NationBuilders

Smt. Arulmozhi Ramanathan

A strong social leader involved in multiple fields ranging from education, healthcare and environment conservation. Part of the Rotary Club of Meraki, she has been instrumental in initiating restoration efforts of freshwater bodies and mass native sapling plantation.

Shri. Bhuvnesh Ojha

A young & energetic individual from Udaipur, he and his organization Pukaar Foundation have been involved in conserving & planting native plant & tree species along the Aravalli range.

Shri. Hari Prathan

A positive vibrant individual, he and his organization the Nellai Nature Club have tirelessly volunteered for Tirunelveli’s environment. From grass-root volunteering to empowering future leaders through awareness programs such as birdwatching and nature storytelling, Mr Hari & Nellai Nature Club inspires all of us at E.F.I.

Shri. Kailas Baburao Pawar

From the gate city of Aurangabad, this gifted artist and his team brought natures colours to public walls across the city. Important wall in the Aurangabad Airport and Railway station are now exhibiting the natural heritage of this historic city!


A vibrant volunteering group located in Sriperumbudur and their sustained efforts in the field of education, health care and environment conservation has been truly inspirational to witness. E.F.I is proud to have worked and volunteered with them on the field!

Smt. Lakshmi KS

A selfless individual who has dedicated her life for Stray Animal care in Chennai. From nourishing food to medical treatment, Mrs Lakshmi spends from her own pocket to cater to the needs of the animals. 

Shri. Venkatesan

A Gentlemen from Madurai, he and his team have been instrumental in bringing lives to the walls of the city of Madurai. His paintings are today inspiring and informing the locals on the rich and vibrant biodiversity that the Temple city of Madurai has to offer!

We congratulate all of you! #MakersOfANewIndia

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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