Madras Maanikkangal

Madras Maanikkangal Awards

— First Edition, 2020 —

An award to honor dedicated volunteers from #Madras who are true #EcoWarriors

Smt. Gayathri Ramachandran

Principal of the Natesan Vidyasala School has been leading from the front in inspiring her school students on the importance of environment & Nature conservation. Nurturing young environment leaders from her school, Mrs Gayathri is a true gem for this city!

Smt.  Sridevi Gopalakrishna

Principal of the JS Global School, Mrs Sridevi & her school’s passion and enthusiasm towards this city’s natural wonders is second to none. Their passion for this city its environment is highly contagious!

Smt. Lakshmi Immanuel

A journalist from a leading English newspaper in Madras, Mrs Lakhmi’s articles on this city’s larger reservoir, rivers, lakes and ponds reiterates the fact that Madras (now Chennai) is truly the water capital of the nation.

Shri. Jamal Mohideen

Another Journalist from a leading native language newspaper (Tamil), Mr Jamal had been influential in bringing light to the northern and north-western waterbodies of Madras.

Shri. Pugal

A passionate individual whose tireless efforts to restore and conserve the Thiruneermalai lake is inspiring to witness. Bringing the community together to volunteer for Madras’s water bodies, Mr Pugal is truly a  ‘Madras Maanikkarm’

Shri. Ranganathan

A committee volunteer for Sholingallanur form 2015, Mr Ranganatna’s love for this city and her environment has only increased over the years! His enthusiasm at every activity drives his fellow volunteers!

Shri. Sreedhara Narayanan

A resident of Nanmangalam, his love for the neighbouring reserve forest and lake can be witnessed when volunteering with on field. Another volunteer leader who brings the local community together to volunteer for the Nanmangalam lake!

Shri. Venkatesh

 There’s always a professor in college who is energetic and always on the move! Mr Venkatesh is exactly that! Weekend after weekend, he is on the field with his students or local volunteers at a waterbody, cleaning it or planting saplings or nurturing existing saplings! Mr Venkatesh is a true field warrior of Madras!

Smt. Rinku Mecheri

A strong woman leader who’s inspiring several individuals to take on social entrepreneurship. She and her organization, Chennai Volunteers have brought together volunteers across the city to volunteer for a wide range of social causes

Smt. Vimal Rani

An individual leader who has touched many lives through her social project that she has initiated and taken forward. Her compassion towards fellow humans and her passion for social work drives inspires us!

Ms. Smriti

Our youngest awardee, Ms Smriti is a dedicated volunteer, nature enthusiast and a budding photographer with a keen interest in India’s diverse wildlife. Her passion for conservation was very evident when we first met her at one of our cleanups and that passion has only gotten stronger over the years.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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