Thamarai Kulam – a preview

Located in the northern-most tip of Chennai, the Kathivakkam Thamaraikulam is the biggest pond of Ennore. The pond, with a size of 4.9 acres in located right in the middle of Kamaraj Nagar. It is surrounded by several little one to two-storey buildings.

Several things are threatening the waterbody. From the west side approximately 10 channels of sewage flow into the pond and the water has a foul smell. The pond is full of plastics and other toxic substances. Still, fishermen can be seen searching for fresh fish.

Bunds are nowhere to be seen. If too much water flows into the pond, the water would find its way into the neighbouring housing colonies. Open burning of waste was noticed on its shores. The smell of the grey smoke is piercing. Goats and cows are standing right next to the burning plastic waste and defecate right onto the bund or into the water.

The southern part of the lake is fully covered in water hyacinths. This the result of the unfiltered sewage entering into the water body directly. Water hyacinths are the only plant which can cope with these nutrient-rich toxic conditions. Other vegetation is not able to grow. This lack of biodiversity has lead to the death of the ecosystem.

E.F.I. will take on this water body in order to restore it. Several steps are included in the scientific restoration progress. These steps include: the removal of invasive species, de-silting, blockage of sewage water and bund formation.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Volunteer for India & her environment with E.F.I. ~Jai Hind~

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