River Poetry

Guest Contribution: Miss. Dhrthi

Our Elixir- The River

An elixir, the mighty river twists and turns,
Undeterred by the plastic and weeds that choke it.
For a single drop of pure water, our heart yearns
But do we ever do something about it?
Dreams of clear water infiltrate our thoughts
Instead with sewage and filth, we ensue drought.
The dirty river stinks, we say we can’t stand it
But for the river and in truth, only we are are unfit.
The river gives and gives, it never takes
Not only for you and I, but for everything that is alive.
The plants, the insects, the birds, the snakes
In and around the river’s water, they thrive.
We use their home, it is their plight
But to slowly poison it is far from right. 
To return to its former glory is not a fantasy
But a reality in the hands of you and me.
We need the river, it doesn’t need us,
Without it we won’t get far
If only we act fast, without a fuss
And respect our Cooum, Adyar and Kosasthalaiyar.

Published by LakesOfIndia

Lakes of India is an E.F.I initiative aimed at sensitizing the larger public on freshwater habitats across the country. A blog platform where one can read about lakes across India. You can become a guest blogger to write about a lake in your hometown and initiate an action to protect that lake.

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