The Mighty Kabini River

by Nikitha Hadya Source: Reef and Rainforest The River The Kabini River, also known as the Kapila River, is a river in southern India that originates from the Wayanad district of Kerala where the Panaraman and the Mananthavady Rivers converge. The river then flows eastward into Karnataka where it joins the Kaveri River in TirumakudaluContinue reading “The Mighty Kabini River”

Maybe going in circles is actually better

” The illusion of unlimited power, nourished by astonishing scientific and technological achievements, has produced the concurrent illusion of having solved the problem of production.” -E.F Schumacher “As I await my blissful fate in the dark and empty garbage truck, I look back on my fruitful life with joy. Manufacturers had crafted my paper bodyContinue reading “Maybe going in circles is actually better”

Buckingham Canal: Chennai’s Liquid Lifeline

In the heart of the bustling city of Chennai lies an unsung hero, a silent observer of history, and a forgotten conduit of life – the Buckingham Canal. Located amidst chaos and urban sprawl, this waterway weaves its way through the city, telling stories of the past, reflecting the present, and offering a glimpse intoContinue reading “Buckingham Canal: Chennai’s Liquid Lifeline”

The Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

The Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR), located in the Tamil Nadu districts of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari, is one of the protected places with rich flora and fauna. It is part of the Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve and is the second-largest protected area in Tamil Nadu. On the highest sections of the reserve, the vegetation changes fromContinue reading “The Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve”

The Story of the Kalingarayan Anicut

An engineering wonder of the past that connects rivers and helps impound water Somewhere around the year 1270 King Kalingarayan visits the neighboring kingdom to discuss a possible matrimonial alliance for his son the price. In the kingdom, the head chef who is present there asks his companions what type of rice should he serveContinue reading “The Story of the Kalingarayan Anicut”

The Kodiveri Dam Story

With irrigation as its sole primary objective, the Kodiveri dam in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu has played its part throughout many generations. It is the main source of water for agriculture in the peripheral areas of the district. Surprisingly it has not been through any major modifications since it was first built. TheContinue reading “The Kodiveri Dam Story”

The Lifeline of Urban Cities

For a few decades now the so-called urban cities of modern times have been a hub for diseases originating from abiotic factors, caused primarily through anthropogenic disturbances. To find a solution to this problem caused by pollution and other similar factors, many kinds of research are going on. A few suggested initiatives are also beingContinue reading “The Lifeline of Urban Cities”

Help me, I want to live… The Story of a Lake

Hello Friends, I am Maduranthakam Aeri but no worries you can call me Madhu. Today I will tell you about myself and how I came into existence. Let us go back to the tenth century. This was the time when King Uttama Chola of the Chola Dynasty also known as Madhuranthakar, Don’t we sound theContinue reading “Help me, I want to live… The Story of a Lake”

The Heat Waves in India

A heat wave phenomenon is currently on the rise, in both frequency and lethality, in India and many other countries around the world. Heat waves are caused by high atmospheric pressure systems that compress and heat up the air while decreasing cloud cover simultaneously. Without clouds above, sunlight directly strikes the ground below, removing moistureContinue reading “The Heat Waves in India”

Lake of Scenic Beauty Turning Into A Harbour For Plastic

The once magnificent lakes belonging to the district of Nilgiris are now one of the most polluted water bodies in the country, owing to the pollution caused by the locals and the tourists collectively. Though there is a Sewage treatment plant (STP) present in the district its inefficiency in handling the entirety of waste producedContinue reading “Lake of Scenic Beauty Turning Into A Harbour For Plastic”