The fascinating story of Nainital lake

Nainital lake, a prominent tourist destination in the hill station of Nainital is spread over a perimeter of 2 miles and is situated at an altitude of 6,358 feet. The lake is further divided into two parts- Mallital( Northern half) and Tallital(Southern half). As of the 2011 survey, the total population of Nainital is aboutContinue reading “The fascinating story of Nainital lake”

Air pollution: A harmful effect to environment

Guest Contribution by Nehchaldeep Kaur, 8th standard student One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that environmental pollution. The action of making air, water etc. dirty and dangerous is known as pollution. Air pollution is one of the types of pollution. The contamination of air by harmful toxic gases, smokeContinue reading “Air pollution: A harmful effect to environment”

The silent serenity of Chilika lake

Source-Democratic Accent Recognized as the largest estuarine lake in Asia, the Chilika lake never fails to infatuate tourists. It is located in the eminent district of Puri in Orissa and is approximately 37 kilometers from the Jagannath Temple. Along with housing the world’s only freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins it’s also a bird watcher’s paradise as migratoryContinue reading “The silent serenity of Chilika lake”

Water: A Natural Resource

Poem by Nehchaldeep Kaur, 8th standard student (Woodstock Public School, Punjab) Water is our life,If we will not save it,then we will not be alive.People throw too much garbage in lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans.It creates so much pollution.If there will be pollution in water recoursesHow aquatic animals will live there?All we need is toContinue reading “Water: A Natural Resource”

Renew the Land with Regenerative Agriculture

Guest Contribution: Meena Iyer By 2050 , our world population is likely to hit 10 billion people and creating a sustainable food future is one of our biggest challenges. Regenerative agriculture refers to safe, efficient techniques aimed at boosting yields and helping our agricultural lands survive the climate change onslaught with an end goal ofContinue reading “Renew the Land with Regenerative Agriculture”

This Solution is Less Pollution – How Smart Shopping Can Sustain Our Waters

Guest Contribution: Meena Iyer The impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown it triggered has deeply changed our lives with an increased focus not only on our health and safety but also on the planet and the people around us. This blog highlights how making sustainable choices when we buy products makes us more responsible consumersContinue reading “This Solution is Less Pollution – How Smart Shopping Can Sustain Our Waters”