Air pollution: A harmful effect to environment

Guest Contribution by Nehchaldeep Kaur, 8th standard student

One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that environmental pollution. The action of making air, water etc. dirty and dangerous is known as pollution. Air pollution is one of the types of pollution. The contamination of air by harmful toxic gases, smoke and dust etc., is called air pollution. Air pollution causes damages to crops, animals, forests and water bodies. It also causes depletion of ozone layer which protects our Earth from Ultra-Violet rays.

Discoloring of the white marble of the Taj Mahal is due to air pollution. Burning of fossil fuels, transportation, open burning of garbage waste and deforestation are some of the causes of air pollution. There are respiratory problems and lung diseases due to air pollution. There are 4.2 million deaths linked due to air pollution globally. 318 animals became extinct due to air pollution.

Some ways to control air pollution are:
•by planting trees.
•by using better technology to control the level of pollutants in the emission.
•by replacing wood, coal and kerosene with LPG for domestic use.
• by improving the quality of fuels in automobiles and using catalytic converters  in them. The use of CNG in automobiles has reduced the air pollution in our metro cities considerably.

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