“Pallikaranai Thamarai Kulam”

Index of Pallikaranai – The Lush Lotus Pristine Pond

A tranquil, ancient, serene, and naturally formed space, the “Pallikaranai Thamarai Kulam” is a picturesque pond of Chennai’s only existential marshland, Pallikarani to behold pekins, domestic geese, and ducks perching and quacking, white lotuses smile, small tadpoles tickle your senses, and dancing nut grasses.

The Lotus pond has been maintained for a decade to preserve its beauty and embellish the space. The children’s park, walking pavements on 4 sides, the newly built temple in the premises has attracted the community with an attachment of a ritualistic affinity.

The well-fenced nature’s carpet is surrounded by concrete jungles facing the main road upfront and sides, along with dense bushy green verdant trees at the back.

The four stepped structures in the mid-points of every side sloping to the ripples of water is a place to sit, relax and meditate, keeping one’s senses open to the voice of the birds, tadpoles, and grinning lilies.

The droplets of water conspicuous on the waxy lotus leaves surfacing the aquatic adhesion show how important it is to practice a detached-attachment lifestyle. 

The pond experiences a cycle of water capacity, being filled to the brim in the rainy season and dryness during summer. But, never has she ever been completely dry or ever breached out the brim.  

The banyan trees shading the place, the ringing of insects makes the whole destination a holistic ecosystem. Light reflections during sunrise and sunset cherish its environment with widespread scintillation. 

A deeper observation of the inland wetland would make you witness litters around the mushy natural lap. 

And would provoke thoughts of why? 

Is it because of the micro-businesses (juice, sundal, tender coconut) around the place? 

Is it due to civic negligence of waste disposal?

The landscape close to a 3-acre area was once upon a time widespread to 22 acres! 

Concrete jungles, shrinking space have rung an alert to restore the ecosystem, hence a restoration project propelled by the government in the decade has left 10% saved from the brunt of vulnerability. 

Why litter this beautiful, serene and nonchalant expanse? 

Can more dustbins preserve the landscape?

This natural architecture is home to its world of species and its high time that we wake up to conserve the pristine and wholesome support system.

Pallikaranai Lotus Pond has remained as the noticeable yet subtle face value of the area, a dry pond indicates water incapacity and a filled pond indicates water overflow. An adequate aqua indicates the stability of water flow in the area. 

Pallikaranai Lotus Pond has the significance of being a hub spot for: 

  • groundwater recharge, 
  • biodiversity co-existence of aquatic and terrestrial life, 
  • breeding ground for ducks, pekins, and geese, 
  • flood control, 
  • freshwater habitat with ecological value, 
  • rich tapestry acting as mini-reservoir.

Understanding and management of this haven of nature is critical amongst the community and mainly its prime users. Building awareness can gallop and catalyse in preserving this wonder of nature that could be passed on to explore for generations.

Signboards prohibiting littering the land and pond, strictly prohibiting feeding to animals may be a great solution to maintain cleanliness. More dustbins on the premises can aid in better waste disposal. 

This small universe has a lot to speak about, are we ready to listen without interrupting her oxygenating and cleansing voice? 

Is the community up to discern the seriousness of its existence, beauty, and importance by surmounting invasive litters?

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